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You dont know anything about feet, so you dont bother writing any moreYou decide not to write anything more about this topic. Not everyone is like you and you probably are overthinking things. You should just start relaxing and enjoy what you are experiencing. After all, things that dont bother you, get more of your attention. You relax and enjoy the foot fetishYou decide to relax and enjoy what you are experiencing. Thats a good thing, because you now know what you are having issues with. You just cant handle it, so you will learn how to handle it. You begin exercising your feet in a variety of different ways. You find that one of the best ways to relax them is to do some of the various contortionist acts. You begin by doing a very light squat, then slowly begin to add your weight to the toes, toes and toes. You slowly increase the weight until you cant bend your knees or you are unable to balance anymore. You find that while doing these exercises most of the nerves in your feet hurt like crazy, and you cant think about anything else but your feet. However, you are having an incredible feeling of euphoria. You cant stop yourself from thinking about your feet. As if that wasnt enough, one day, while you were doing this, you get a strange feeling of being watched. Your toes twitch and you even try to move them, but you are met with a feeling of being watched. You dont know what is going on, but something is trying to warn you. All the emotions you are experiencing are causing you to think it is a demon from hell, and it is trying to warn you. You then see a black figure that represents hell appear before you, as well as some dark shapes that represent demons and bad forces, that are trying to scare you. You look at your feet and can feel them. You touch them, you feel their pain and you can feel the evil that is within them. You look fearfully ahead, and suddenly a black wall is appearing around you. A dark force begins to attack you, but you easily push it aside and try to go around it to go straight ahead. You dont know what is going on, but your feelings have changed and you are having a strange feeling of panic. You go straight aheadYou know this is a bad idea, but you dont know what you are going to do right now. The black wall you just saw was a shadow and you can see that you are moving in a straight line, but your feet dont want to move. You dont know what is going on, but you want to go home.

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