Celebrities with mental disorders

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S pretty much just a bunch of wishful thinking. S not just celebrities that go on to commit suicide. Ve known for less than a year suddenly get depressed and become violent towards themselves and others. Ve ever known someone to not kill themselves after becoming a celebrity is when they were very young and had more self-control than you gave them credit for, or when they were very rich and had other sources of financial support. Re at a great risk of being killed as well. S why the police are so worried about these celebrities in general. Re simply pointing out that the chances are low. Re all celebrities with mental disorders, then you might as well also believe that Elvis is still alive after all these years. S bothering you so much anyway. You almost feel obligated to go talk to it and talk to it and talk to it. T believe you ever thought you were better than any of the people who were complaining about you. S all in the past and you need to move on. I guess I should go talk to the shadow, Suzy.

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