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As someone who has Lupus and has shared a bit about my own struggle with various people on the internet, Ive always thought that it would be great if someone of Gagas prominence could be the one to inspire others to get help and not let their condition get them down. This is Gaga who, as a child, was diagnosed with an incurable disease in the 6th grade. This is Gaga who, as an adult, was diagnosed with an incurable disease in the 7th grade. This is Gaga who battled with this illness for the entirety of her 25-year career. And this is Gaga who overcame the odds and is a major reason why Lupus is in the public eye today. We deserve so much more from her. As someone living with Lupus, I want Gaga to know that Im here for you and that Im not offended by Gagas statement. I do feel like it is odd why she made it. As someone living with Lupus, I understand that a lot of Gagas success and that which has been made around her has come with its own set of problems. I also understand that the fact that she has publicly talked about what its like to have the illness and the challenges of living with it, does not make it less real. And although Gaga is clearly an inspiration and an inspiration to thousands of people with Lupus, I am disappointed that she chose not to reach out to us.

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