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Some of the answers include:Klinefelters SyndromeKlinefelters SyndromeWhat Famous People Have XXY ChromosomesThe genetic model of Klinefelters Syndrome, or XXY-chromosome syndrome, assumes itself as Klinefelters Syndrome. It is a model that assumes that one has XXY chromosomes, while others have Klinefelters Syndrome. The model states that it is a genetic model with two genetic markers in a specific location of chromosome 21, which are CFA3 and CFA6. The model also assumes that the markers are likely to be located in all Klinefelters Syndrome patients. Therefore, Klinefelters syndrome cannot be definitively diagnosed in one persons case and not anothers, the model assumes. When Klinefelters syndrome is detected in a newborn, it is diagnosed as XXXY-chromosome syndrome. Many people with Klinefelters syndrome have been diagnosed with the other two theories. Others may never be diagnosed, though some may develop the other two theories while others may not. The two theories are:Klinefelters syndrome is caused by a combination of the genes FKBP5 and KIBRA. ComA Klinefelters syndrome is caused by the gene FKBP5 and the gene KIBRA. The following blogs discuss the current state of the world by the numbers. In the past week, Ive been playing with some numbers and the way human beings think. If I had to guess, I would say that our world as we know it is coming to an end. My research is ongoing and will be updated as I go, but so far I have found that:1. A majority of a population will be in the danger zone for death by 2030. There is no sign of a good quality food or water. It seems like the world is going to be made of garbage. One third of the planet is not even populated.

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