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If you are a fan of celebrities, then lets face it, you are likely a bit of a hanger-on. But if you aren, not, then this will be a win for you. Do you want to meet the next person. The guy answers not even looking up from his video game. The guy looks up from his game and looks at you in disbelief. S not gonna go over well, but you have no choice but to play along. You have no idea how difficult it has been to even find a good guy of your own. You say, and you take back your offer to meet the next celebrity so you can put this unfortunate event behind you. You could end up on some website that does research on random people for you. Or, you could just be like this guy and hope things work out. You go back to your apartment and get ready for the meeting. You grab your bag, grab your laptop and get in the car. You pull into the parking lot and park in front of the Comedy Store. T any customers in the parking lot either. Re all mostly in the back of the place smoking cigarettes and talking among themselves. Re about to go back inside the store, when suddenly a man walks out and sees you.

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