Celebrities with french bulldogs

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I think well start tipping ourselves off now. The dogs are doing pretty well in the yard already. You think theyll probably be ready to go into the ring soon, if only for exercise. Ve probably lost all your money this week. You watch TVYou go upstairs and get on the TV. T afford to miss out on anything right now. S like clockwork that the first program is about dogs fighting each other. A lot of the dogs are miniature humans, but some of them are really big. You turn off the TV, then turn it back on. D rather not watch another dog fight. You get up out of your chair, go get a drink of water, then watch a couple of other programming on TV. S about TV and other entertainment, but eventually it turns into some kind of education type show. S not quite a dog, but just slightly different. It has human intelligence though not quite human intelligence. It also has the ability to mimic speech, so it can talk. For a few minutes, you look at your TV screen and wonder what the hell these programs are all about, then you think back to this dog fight. You get back on the computer and start up your antivirus program.

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