Celebrities with eating disorders

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You think about it for a second as you realize that if you could be an idol for eating disordered people like these, then you could be an idol for healthy people. You continue to fantasize about being an idol to anyone who likes eating disorders. S not even a mental illness to you, its just a nice dream to hold on to. You stop your fantasizing about becoming an idol and start to wonder if you ought to contact that person. Re not ready to be an idol just yet. Maybe later when you have more confidence in yourself, you can take on the challenge of becoming an idol. After a few days pass, you have a little bit more confidence in your self-esteem. You think about how you could approach them and how a date could be arranged. A few days pass and you get a couple of responses. The person who responded the most is a girl who goes by the name of Lisa. She says she would be up for a real date so you could go on a real date. S going to a concert with a bunch of other people. Re wondering if you should ask Lisa out first or maybe you should just go on the date and see what happens. T be fair since you get to choose the one who you become an idol to. Re with Lisa, it will give you something to talk about for a bit. The next time you see her, she is nowhere to be found. T even look like she ever showed up so you just call her. When you come home, you see that your door is open. You grab a baseball bat you have in your room and head to your backyard where you see a mess of a body on the ground.

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