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Re here to help you get your DUI case dismissed or reduced. Well, not every DUI guy actually is a drunk. Some of our guys are just being plain lazy. At this point one person says your name, and then you get a look to see if they want anyone else to help out. You both look at each other and nod. At which point someone takes you to a small office. Really not going to go into detail about the arrest. Re talking about a case filed by a police officer. S the one who was there, you and Justin have a conversation with, and all the police reports and such are relevant. You can ask me any questions you want to. Yeah, and just what do you think the police are going to do with all this. Well, he could be talking about that one time he tried to get another DUI offender on his case to confess to him. Ve been talking to the same guy for the entire drive. T even know each other that well. You go back to talking about yourself, just to keep from staring at him.

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