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Your attention is drawn to a loud and boisterous crowd of teenagers singing along to the song. M proud to call you my supporters. At that moment, you also see a large group of young people in various states of undress, which have been gathering in the park that sits behind the Reynolds house with their hips and buttocks exposed to the sun. M very proud to call you my constituents. D have no idea what any of this meant to anyone. D be a little concerned for your own safety. And we have been a good and loving people to our children. To leave them to the tender mercies of the world, in a hopeless condition, is no way to live. And we must all, as a people, learn and live again. This group of people, mostly teenagers with their pants around their knees, is a complete embarrassment to the Reynolds family and the entire community. Re still a little on edge right now. Well we kinda suggested it, and then we kinda went to it, I guess.

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