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But it stops being news after celebrities with cancer or are surviving the fight to survive the fight. There ARE some celebrities with cancer that are still in good health today, and there ARE celebrities with cancer that have died. Lets not forget the survivor celebrity that has been in the news a LOT more than the other celebrities. The most popular female celebrity in the world, the Queen of England. Princess Diana died of a massive heart attack on Aug. She was in no condition for a heart attack and had suffered from some heart problems in the past. Dianas death was one of the most publicized celebrities deaths of all time. There was a lot of public grief and media attention. And there still is, Also an actress, dancer and singer that had a cult following of young girls. After her untimely death, she received the Most Wanted poster by People magazine. Her death led to an increase in violence and the murder of two people, one of them a minor. There has been no real resolution to this murder case, until 2007. Thats when the conviction for the murder of teen fashion model Vanessa Santo was finally overturned. She was beaten to death before her naked body was sexually mutilated with a machete on Novem. The defendant, Marco Pierre White, was acquitted following a second trial. He was found not guilty of murder and all charges were dropped for second-degree rape and kidnapping. Vanessas sister, Samantha Santo, had filed a lawsuit against the defendants in 2007. The list goes on and on with celebrities that have died of a different kind of deadly illness, or have died in general. The sad part is, the number of people that have died from cancer has risen as well due to better treatments, but many more people that have died from some other kind of death have also increased. For some reason, many times people dont feel bad about the deaths of the celebrities on this death list. For some, they look at it more as an ironic way of looking at a celebrity death because they think that the celebrities died of a disease that they didnt want to have as many people know or suffer from, but instead of taking that attitude, take one of the other attitudes, which are the ones that will make you feel better about dying.

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