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A host for a new TV show with a very strong bulldog, a real showbiz celebrity who also happened to be a dog owner himself. S not going to just host the show about dogs and talk about himself all the time. S going to air on National television at least once a month. Your first few interviews give you great opportunities and with your personality, you really fit in well into the show, and your fame becomes much bigger than you ever thought it could be. You even get a few famous dog owners and celebrities that are willing to put their dogs on camera and speak about why they have a particular dog. You are so popular that one of the producers says you can make more money as a dog talk show host than host an animal show. You have a house and a new car and even a housekeeper who treats you a lot better than most people do their house keepers. Soon, other dogs and other celebrities decide that they want to be on the show as well. The owners feel they can no longer handle all the fame. It will take time to get over the initial fame and get over the fame of other dogs too. You begin to think about other shows you could do with dogs in the future to give you more of a break. You think about how dogs are always being trained and socialized to be some sort of service animals or companions. You imagine a show where dogs work for people. A veterinarian would take care of their physical needs, the human host would have a room full of dogs, or dogs in different situations, all doing different jobs, they would dole out money by the hour and most importantly they would all be interacting with humans to increase the interaction and not just a cage of dogs. You wonder what kind of dogs you could get that would be good, what kind of people would want them, and then how you could do it. The more you think about it, the more you think it should be you running it, not you running it for the dogs. Your fame and popularity has grown to such a point.

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