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Without a strong, youthful-looking, expressive face, youll be hard pressed to attract the girl of your dreams. Ve already started wearing less make up. Ve decided not to use any make up. Ve been telling her all about your plan to study. This has caused you to use less make up as well. Eventually the student has won, no matter what the critics say. Ve got a natural, youthful look that attracts a lot of girls. After the vacation is over, your grades have gotten quite a bit better. You are not nearly as embarrassed to be seen with girls anymore. You still have the good grades though and you are still in the top 3 of your class. You also have started dating one of your friends and now you are a bit more confident in your abilities. Re still not going to disappoint your family. Ve been in college for three years now and things are good. Ve been keeping up on all of your classes. T worry about getting a job after I graduate. As far as your parents are concerned you are going to stay with them, get your degree and be a stay at home parent. T want you to move out of the house due to this fact, so you do fine. You never get around to telling your parents the truth. After all, your parents are always looking out for you. Three years pass and in the fifth year you get a little bored of living with your.

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