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The picture went viral,and thestory spread, and the gossip. S already at a bit of alimp in terms, of it,s evenlessimportant than my own personal life. Gemma suddenly came to mydoorthatweek before theOscar night gatheringsasking for,aspace. The special is coming to you from KFI AM 640 KLOS in Los Angeles and will feature a full concert, a one hour documentary, jamming with the Jammin Littles, and a behind the scenes tour. The Jammin Jamboree TV special will air on KFI AM 640 KLOS July 22nd at 8 p. Jimmy Jam and Terry LewisJimmy Jam is an American songwriter, musician, and producer with a long history in the music industry. He is best known as one of the main founders of the group Led Zeppelin, which has sold over 350 million albums and is considered by many to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time. As a solo artist he has released nine studio albums and six live albums. He is also the co-writer of many of the songs on the rock band Steely Dans most famous albums of the 1960s. His solo albums are considered to be some of the most influential rock albums of all time. Jimmy Jams other group the Jammin Littles are a rock and roll girl group which includes his daughter Gemma Lewis who plays the lead vocalist. It was one of the first groups to combine singing and music and they have been touring and recording for the past 25 years. The group has been nominated for 15 Grammy Awards and was inducted in.

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