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The following Categories have been viewed: 8Total: 0 Average: 05AdvertisementsWhen most people think of joe, images of the friendly grandfather they imagine pop into their heads. While the idea of a grandfathers son being a gangster is a little far-fetched to most folks, Joe Francis, the youngest son of the crime family scion Tommy Francis, is living proof that what your grandparents feared may very well be a possibility. A recent New York Times article detailed how Francis is one of the leading contenders for the position of leader of the New Jersey Broken Windows Gang, and despite being only 27, has already accumulated serious power over the crew and their associates. His older brother, Sonny, now heads the crew as well. The entire gang was arrested in June of 2002 in a series of violent crimes that began last November. I do want to do it, he once told a reporter. I want to be a successful actor, and I love my family and I want to make sure that my family is taken care of. While rumors have swirled about the whereabouts of Tommy Francis, his other sons Raymond and Dennis have been very tight-lipped about the situation surrounding him. Though Francis father has maintained a relatively low profile, Raymond has been much more vocal, calling the entire crime family a family of idiots. Perhaps due to this family rivalry or perhaps the fact that he is a member of a less violent gang, Francis has been somewhat successful in his rise to power. In fact, his influence has been so great, that the New Jersey State Police has made a statement saying that there will be no more raids against the gang. 2 million mansion on the Jersey shore, it isnt just his wealth that has made Francis powerful. I think that he has a real love of life and hes very open, Joe Francis attorney, Frank Biondi tells the Times. Hes a good talker and hes a good listener. Joe Francis has also had a hand in forming his own faction within the gang called the Joe Francis Brigade to compete with the Tommy Francis Brigade. Although Joe Francis has not officially won the race, he certainly has the support of the other leaders. The Times article points out that it can be difficult to.

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