Celebrities Whove Bravely Opened Up About Their Miscarriages, in the Hopes …

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Celebrities In Their Eighties Have Had Multiple Miscarriages. A Man who Was Inseparable From His Wife for Thirty Years Had A Matter Of Fact Conversation With His Wife. The Man Had Frequent Phone Conferences With Her In Their Nearby Areas. The Man With Multiple Miscarriages And A Matter Of Fact Conversation With His Wife Had a Miracle Baby. You leave a messageYou dont think you can handle the guilt any longer, you need to know the truth. Before you leave, you take a minute to compose yourself and think, How can I be sure this is the right thing to do. It sounds crazy, but I think I really need to go talk to the woman. If shes lying about me not being there right now, then maybe shes lying about her other sons. In some ways, I might know more than she does. I could be the key to opening up their pasts. You walk out of the shelter, and continue to think about your dilemma until your mind is so fogged up with other thoughts that you dont know where youre going. Before you know it, you find yourself outside with no destination in mind. Youre lost in a new unknown world, and you need to go back home. You turn back around and walk back inside the shelter, but you find that you really cant concentrate there. You keep having these random fits of mental chaos that you havent had in awhile. You think that if your mind would only focus, you could solve the problem. This mental wandering is disturbing to others in your vicinity, but they cant seem to do anything about it, either. Is someone beating your mind into a confused mess. This voice is familiar, but youre not sure if that means that this is the real you, or if its just a hallucination. You mean your real mother lives out in those hills over by the chemical plant. What mother would want a dead mans kid. Or are you just saying that cause your crazy you think that your real dads still out there somewhere.

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