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I was very very moved by some of the comments I read on your forum. One was to stay in the USA and live in the comfort of a more politically correct environment. The other was to go to Canada and to become a true Canadian. I saw that the world was very dangerous and I wanted to be away from it. But I also saw that the world is becoming too politically correct. If Im going to support Canada then it would appear that I can support my country as well if its not too much trouble. So my question for you is do you think I should move to Canada. I mean I wasnt raised in the country and I know that it has some pretty strict gun laws. I also dont see anything in Canada that would allow me to continue living peacefully as Im used to. I suppose I could go back to my old life. I doubt very seriously that Ill be back, but I just figured its been awhile. You say this very quickly and without conviction. Your tone of voice doesnt indicate that you have any doubt about this. I can understand it if you just didnt want to leave and were just giving an excuse. As you walk back to your table, you look up at the ceiling of the cafe, trying to come up with the right thing to say. The waitress comes back and looks like she wants you to pay for your meal, but you say youll just leave it and she can call it even. You dont want to draw attention to yourself or your table. You head back to your table, where you find out that she forgot something on your tab and you end up paying for it instead. You dont even realize it, but youre thinking a lot about what youve said. You try not to dwell on the past, but its constantly in the back of your mind and it doesnt feel right at all. Youre sure youll just change your mind again. You end up ordering a coffee and a sandwich for a small meal. Youre feeling a little tired and the sandwich is pretty good.

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