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You, can, stutter-This is how the email ends:Im glad you have accepted my apology. God blessPaulaAnd you cant imagine the kind of pain and suffering that must have gone through his mind as he wrote this email. Paulines name was just one of thousands of others, one of thousands of people whom Paul was mailing, trying to make amends. Paul went on to become a prominent activist of the Stuttering Association of America, and he has made many speeches on the subject of his experiences with people giving him the silent treatment. He has written the book Stuttering: A Family History. Pauls website is: His autobiography:How you can help Paul:The Stuttering Association of America, Please help me out by contributing to their site to help them outIf you dont, they will close their doors to you. Paul, Hello Paul,Thank you for contacting The Stuttering Association of America, and I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty in your work. As you have already mentioned, our goal is to increase awareness and understanding of Stuttering as a disorder. We are not a therapy service, we provide information about resources and links for support groups worldwide. We are not a medical service, so we do not offer diagnostics, but we do post some resources with links to medical professionals who can provide this information. We are also part of a network of organizations that support each other in the public service tradition. The most helpful link for you is our Support Groups page. We have posted information on a variety of support groups around the world. Most of these support groups do not require registration, but they may have a few restrictions on who can join, as well as a minimum age requirement. You may want to consider joining one of these groups in your area. While you are at it, please make a note of their name and contact information so you can contact them if this information changes. I dont know how you could ever get through to him. He can only find himself on this horrible road, on this journey. You dont know how it ends, but you know its a sad one.

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