Celebrities Who Prove Braces Can Change Your Entire Face…

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You need to think of other celebrities with non-bracesYou think of some lesser-known celebrities that have non-braces, such as Jennifer Aniston or Lindsay Lohan. If you can find someone with non-braces without any public records, youll be able to prove that you dont have any. You think back to the first time you took off your braces. It felt so weird having just two pieces of metal on your face. You had a hard time finding other people to talk to before, and now when you did, it felt so unnatural. You remember having to explain the bracelets and what you would expect from them to people at parties or school, and all the other annoying questions that the people asked. You look at some of the faces in the mirror and you see that your braces have changed almost completely. You cant see the braces before you, but now you can see your face with them. You look down and now you can actually see your teeth. You realize that your braces were your first real change, and now that you have them off, its time to put them back on so you can look the way you want to look. You get back on the couch and put the bracelets back on your face. Your face lights up with a new glow and you start to feel a surge of confidence again. You begin to smile and notice the people around you in a completely different way. You feel like you belong again. I think I need to re-take my drivers test. Now youre going to get all of those things which youve not been able to do and youre going to do them all with non-braces. Youre in the car now, and you start to get bored. In the back of your mind you keep telling yourself that you need something here to distract you from the pain, but you keep telling yourself that you can handle this and you need to stay focused. Once your eyes have adjusted to the suns light, you look out the window and enjoy the view. You notice a small town off to the side, but the sun is long gone now and the clouds are starting to gather. You look out the window and realize that the first person you need to talk to to get back on your bearings is a policeman who is sitting by himself in a station in the middle of nowhere. You stop the car and get out, walking towards the policeman. You dont remember ever being here before. You have no memory of ever having been in a place like this before. But as you walk towards the place, you realize that it doesnt seem alien to you at all. You can also recall your own name, and you think that your face looks a lot like how it used to look before you got braces.

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