Celebrities who love baseballs Opening Day more than you do…

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So this is what Bears fan, baseball fans are like. M not even stating the examples, just giving you an example. Re not even at the good stuff yet. Re imagining, the Bears do have some of the biggest fans in sports. And already a couple of the people in the store are speaking to you in hushed tones. M Mike, but you can just call me Mikey, and I have to ask how old you are. Says one of the older men behind the register. Ve got a lot of happy people here today. Re probably not aware of though is that the Cubs have a fan club here. And they seem to like the Cubs a whole lot. They used to hang out with us a lot better back in the day. They even have a big speaker system in the room so you can hear the team play in the distance. This looks like a good place to watch the game. You turn off the TV and find a chair to sit in front of the TV.

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