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One of the most famous celebrities in the world, The Hulk, is known to live in Santa Barbara. Theres also the fact that Hollywood is a very popular place in Santa Barbara and the fact that there are many celebrities in Santa Barbara. The top Santa Barbara celebrities in the world include: John Travolta Johnny Depp Tom Selleck Robert Downey, Jr. Tom Cruise Angelina Jolie Leonardo DiCaprio Kirsten Dunst Keanu Reeves Leonardo Dicaprio Matthew McConaughey Zac Efron Chris Hemsworth Leonardo DiCaprio Kate Winslet Santa Barbara-Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara area has a lot of celebrities and is very famous. Theres a famous phrase where celebrities say a famous phrase and people say famous peoples famous people. There are several famous houses in Santa Barbara. One of the best known houses in the area is The Cloisters. It is one of the most famous houses because of the famous person who is known to reside there. It is a beautiful house located on the hillside and has lots of views of the ocean and mountain and is even a popular hangout spot for people around the world. It is also a place where the famous actress and singer Jennifer Hudson and actress Mary Steenburgen have all stayed there. The city on the hill is the largest metropolis in the Imperium of Man and the capital of the famous Rogue Trader world of Istan. It is also the most industrialised and economically advanced of the worlds within the Imperiums jurisdiction and one of the most populous worlds of the galaxy. The city is so populous that most worlds within a hundred light years of it are called Rogues by local officials, as any worlds in the same system could be considered Rogues by virtue of one world being home to a large population. This has become a source of contention between the more powerful worlds within and a source of pride for the less powerful ones who enjoy the benefits of it. Cities and areasCitiesTowards the centre of the city stands the Rogue Stronghold. While the planet itself is the Rogue Strongholds home, the structure is also the seat of the Rogue Traders power. Its position makes it the closest thing to a government that the planet has.

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