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In the movie Crazy-14, the lead character had a lot more wrinkles than these people. My personal observation, these people look LIKE their pictures in these magazines when they are young. And these wrinkles can t come from alcohol or drugs, they must be from a good living. These people are totally looking totally perfect now. The fact that my self, if I stay in this world, will be one of those people. I know this post isnt really for the average fan, but the question is, have YOU ever even heard of a movie called Crazy-14. Rent this movieWhen an ambitious inventor dies unexpectedly after spending all his savings on an invention, his wife is devastated. He leaves a bequest containing a lifetimes worth of inventions and that means the wife and two young children get to inherit the most valuable of all of his riches. The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will have the dual cameras on the back of the device, and we were finally shown a mock-up of the rear-facing cameras, including an aperture slider at the bottom. An anonymous tipster recently sent along a photo of the front of the phone which has one of the dual shooters on the top of the phone instead of the bottom, with a flash at the bottom and a single microphone on the right side. Means its unlikely to be a dual-LED flash but rather a single LED flash. IPhone 6S Plus camera mock-upIf the camera is different, then perhaps the front-facing camera is the same or nearly the same. Were not seeing a dual-LED flash on the iPhone 6S or the 6S Plus because a lot of hardware is required and its not just a single LED flash. Some of the new cameras on the iPhone 6S Plus include an improved 13-megapixel sensor, optical image stabilization, an F2. 4 aperture, for more light a dual-tone LED flash, a larger 12. 6-inch sensor, and a new ISP, image signal processorThe camera is a real improvement for the iPhone and the other notable change is a new True Tone flash. IPhone 6S Plus camera mock-upiPhone 6s Plus camera mock.

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