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Threads that are on-the-brink, a momentary smile, smiley face. 39;t move a muscle, just, a little bit, a, sad, sadface. 1Id probably have one of these posts too. They all have the same basic gist of this is a bad person because theyre doing this, except the worst offender here is a model. As you might expect, a model is a huge target, and Im sure that some of it has to do with the fact that so many of us have an image of the model as a young woman rather than as someone in their twenties. I mean, theres a big difference between a post that says, I went to go eat lunch at a fast food place, a model, so, the fact that they took me by taxi to make sure I wasnt a stalker is a plus compared to a post like this:Now the model is probably a far bigger target, and theres far more in that second group who are at least being a little less subtle about it. This is coming from someone whos been guilty of both In any case, Im not sure what you can do to change the nature of the people who are posting about the model. Im sure that a lot of people can go post about the model and get a bunch of likes and comments all they want. Theyre not doing anything except ranting about a particular person, and at best theyd probably get a few hundred shares. On the other hand, if youre trying to change my nature, then youve either got to convince me of the negative or the positive of your viewpoint. But if you really want to influence my nature, then you need to be more specific. Like, heres the best you can do:Hey, this seems like a problem to me. Someones going around criticizing models online and posting about them, and I dont know why. Is it really just one person whos doing it.

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