Celebrities who don’t age

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These stars dont seem to decrease in taste or quality of their mentions. These stars dont seem to give themselves too much credit, thinking it is the world that gives them, and they that need it. These stars seem tired from living and dying. These stars seem unstable and unhappy, and they seem jealous. I know you, you think its the world that gave you everything, but this world is giving you everything. Its giving you a pain that you cant possibly comprehend, like a fire you cant possibly escape from, like death. And its giving you a pain that makes you think that youre so different from everyone else that you dont even belong here. I know all of you are, but somethings always been lost in translation when you think about yourself. You think your mind is some sort of god, but youre not even in control of your mind. The mind takes things it wants and gives them to you, and then you have to give something in return. You need to take things from it and give them to yourself. You need to be grateful for everything that youve got. You need to live in the moment and live for the people that youve come to love. And most of all, you need to live your life. You cry, No I dont think so.

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