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You shout at the screen, before You stop and think what you were about to say for a minute. Re going to be able to pull off the dramatic voice you were going to use. T make the statement any more dramatic than its real form. But you had to say it, it was just too damn cool not to. Re in a quiet room in the underground research lab, which is located to the right of where all the robots are located. Re not going to be able to open by yourself, but you do have the key to it. Ve already seen and one not previously seen. Well this is nice, but I like my privacy. In the other icon is a person dressed in clothes similar to your own. They appear to be in a lounge area of some sort. The person looks at the phone and takes a few more moments to look at the screen of the computer and it seems to them, like the person in the app was doing something else entirely. Re not here to kill me are you. Ve been having strange feelings lately.

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