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Re thirsty and you do know how to use a mirror so you might as well use that skill. The next day it is all you want and more. You begin to notice that each passing day feels more relaxed and more peaceful than the day before. It almost seems like the universe is pulling out all the stops in keeping you in this state. T even have too much trouble concentrating. In fact, you can even use some of your previous yoga knowledge in the process. The only problem you encounter is having to deal with these experiences on a regular basis. S not long before you begin to notice that there is some sort of change taking place to your body and your mind. For the first time in years you have an entire day where you get to do what you want. S good to know you can take the time you feel you need in order to achieve your goals. You just wish that you could do it for a longer period of time. T slowing down, but seems to be just at your doorstep. Ll also be able to use your powers for longer periods of time. Re going to take advantage of this situation and go see this woman that seems to know everyone at this hotel.

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