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This really is a sad year for those of us who loved and were touched by the artists and performers here. They represent so much that is brilliant about modern life. And so much of their brilliance we never got to bask in properly. Sometimes the pain can be too much to bear. This has been such a difficult year to write about with the loss of such gifted people who have given so much from the bottom of their hearts to us and to others. I cannot believe that in 2017 we are still hearing sad news of celebrities dying. I have to say that while I am saddened by the news, I know I have to add this to my list of things that are worth living for. It is only just now that I realised we have already had our last album recorded and it is still available to buy. That alone is enough to make me a Bowie fan for life. My favourite Prince song, Dirty Mind, has just had a repackaging re-release; it is available again in a deluxe case. I really need to buy that new album Prince is working on, I have been on a Prince hunt, and this re-release is my reward. Sir Terry is the only TV presenter to have died in 2017 and it has not affected his status as one of the worlds best broadcasters. He has given an interview to the BBC in which he talked about the loss of his mother, and the challenges her death presented him with. The only musician to die in 2017 and the singer of the band Elton John, Elton John, passed away on 15 February, aged 71. He had suffered two strokes in 2016. While this may not be the year Johns story gets mainstream publicity, I hope it does because he deserves it. While Bob Marleys death was on 17 January, it was reported that the reggae icon died four days earlier in Jamaica from complications from intestinal cancer. This singer and actress died in her sleep on 11 February. The legendary music producer and songwriter, Billy Joel died on 11 February aged 84. Joel also produced some of my favourite Billy Joel music, so losing him now makes me a big Billy Joel fan. Michael Jackson was the only other artist to die in 2017, a young woman, 23-year-old pop sensation, NeNe Leakes, died tragically of a drug overdose on.

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