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For his role in the HBO series The Larry Sanders Show. The actor had earned eightever awards along with an Oscar for co-writing the screenplay forit. Im just guessing, but it would seem these are the most popular stars to have died in the past ten years. As a side note, in the early 2000s the most popular celebrities to have died were mostly actors like Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. It seems that death has been on an upward trend ever since then. So, what do you think about who the most popular celebrities to have died are. Are they on the high end or are they on the low end. Did anyone else notice a similarity between any of these names. I didnt think any of these celebrities were related, but maybe that was just me. I wish I knew which celebrities are in the top ten most popular celebrities to have died to make these lists, but I just dont have that information. I dont have a list, so I cant really figure out why some of these celebs are dead or alive. I know there are plenty of celebrities that died young that were still successful on the Internet Movie Database top 1000, but thats not really saying much. I dont even know why certain celebrities make it on the list while others dont. Maybe Im just not as into them as I should be. Anyway, enjoy this list of celebrities that died in the past ten years. This is the beginning of a trend of celebrity deaths in the past ten years, not the end, but it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Chris Brown AKA: Chris LaneChris Brown is another name that Im not familiar with. The man has a rap sheet that doesnt even include robbery, child abuse, rape, murder, and a bunch of other shit hes done. This is the man who caused a brawl at The Tropicana in 2002 and was later released with a few hours of community service and a couple of days of curfew. Hes also the same person who was arrested for allegedly punching a 19-year old woman in the face at a club in November of 2000. Chris Brown is from the state of Georgia and has a rap sheet that started when he was 13 years old. Before that he was a gang member and even had a prior restraining order against him from a gang member because he was fucking up the gang. In any case, thats not even the worst of it.

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