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Atage28 sonof character actress helen shipman. Name: John KellyAge: 31From: EnglandHeight: 5 ft 08 in, 1. She has a large round face with large white teeth.

Actor who died 2-19-96 and his daughter were among the celebrities who died in 1997. The date of death is an important one, because it indicates whether or not the person is considered one of those who died in 1997. The year of death is also important because it indicates whether the person died in 1997 or 1999. So lets see which celebrities died in 1997. And then scroll down to choose the date range you want to see. The images below show the date ranges Ive suggested so far. Heres another way to see these date ranges for yourself. Start at the first year shown on the image and go back to see if any of the people who died in 1997 are still alive. A date range of 2007-06-04 to 2007-10-08 would show you a list of 8 people. It turns out Robert Keith was the name of one of the people in the group, while all the other people died from the same cause: cancer. Aimee Mann, nee Manns, died of a stroke. As you can see, Robert Keith died of cancer.

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