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I mean, we all saw the news and it sounded pretty grim. Sure, the end of times have been coming for a lot longer than just the present, but there is something comforting about re-living your youth. Sure, there are a lot of things to do that are better suited for your mature years, or perhaps just your life experience but for you its always nice to go back to places you once visited, places with people you once knew. You go back to some of your places you went back to when you were younger. Some of them you have been to multiple times. You go back, and you enjoy the experience. You never leave it there though;You never sleep there, you never leave it. You get to the pointYou know, I remember when I was young, I never really had a favorite color. You turn around and see a tall, handsome young man with a short haircut, wearing a blue polo shirt and blue jeans. As he walks towards you, he grabs your hand. He begins talking in a low tone and you can tell he is clearly on the emotional side due to his emotional tone. My name is John, I used to be called Nick when I was younger. I liked the colors blue and black the most, but sometimes I liked blue better than purple or red which is why I liked yellow quite a bit as well as green. The words begin to make you feel teary eyed. You hug John as tightly as you can, but he has his head down and is looking at the ground. You then notice the large diamond ring on his left pinky finger. You quickly attempt to compose yourself before speaking. You say just before he walks behind you to the back of the truck. You are so emotionally drained to your senses, but you manage to find the strength to just go back home, and then continue on with your life. You live the rest of your life, and in time, you become more used to your new surroundings. You have to work hard to keep your place, but it is here that you will always have a home, and you never feel fear or loneliness. Then one day, you come across the girl of your dreams, your relationship grows, and you become successful. Life goes on, and the world looks a lot different from what you saw in the past. Its over twenty years later, and a large man in a suit opens the door, which.

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