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S got his mouth down near your leg right where you were just standing. T want your dog to eat you, you can get him a bone to chew on then. S not a common response from people that I have talked to about this. This story is a cautionary tale of what can happen when you think you have something secure, only to have it be taken away in the day of judgment. Your brother should really get an alarm system in his house to help him out if he catches anyone sneaking a taste of chew. T want to write an article that sounds like some sort of scare tactics article. All I want to say is, the only way to truly make a difference in the world because the rest of it is a mess. S so cool to dip a piece of tobacco in your glass of beer or a cigarette, I just want you to think about those who have died due to that habit. Ll just save it for a special occasion and enjoy it later.

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