Celebrities who came out in 2016

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In fact, we can go on for a few more pages of celebrities who have come out as trans, but this is just to give you a little taste of some of this years famous people who came out in 2016. The world is a better place for having people like these in it. You dont care if you die, because the world is a better placeNo matter what happens to you, no matter what happens to your life, you know it is still going to be better than the lives of most people right now. You are going to die knowing it was a good life. You are going to die knowing you made a difference in this world. It is a shitty life, but it is a better life than being dead, so you are not losing any sleep over it. You need to get your sister help in saving her life, because she is definitely not well enough to survive. You know that you are not strong enough to deal with all the shit you are about to deal with, so you need to get your sister help in saving her life. You need to get her to a hospital, quick. You decide that you need to get her at least to a doctor who can do something to her, because if she stays in her current condition, she will probably die with no hope of recovery. Her moods are a little more stable, so she is definitely not getting worse. When you tell her what you need to do, she says she knows what the doctors job is, but it is just too much for her and she thinks maybe you should just tell her what needs to be done. I cant leave you all alone to deal with this. I have to do something to make this better even if I still dont have the strength to do it. Well then I guess I have to help, you say. You tell her what you have found and tell her you need her opinion before you go. I think you should go see the doctor. Well, let me know if you need anything, but if it isnt what I think it is, I want to see it with my own eyes. I really want to help though, I just dont know where to look. You go to your room and call your brother to come help. He arrives right as you finish calling up your sister. You wait until he comes into the study area and sit in your chair and wait for him.

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