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Although, Angelina is married to fellow celebrity and director, Guy Ritchie and the couple has a daughter together named Isabella. In terms of age, Hollywood has some of the oldest celebrity couples. Some actors and actresses are more than just the age of their partners. For example, you might think of Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks as an older couple. Theyve been together for more than 50 years and their age doesnt seem to stop them from being together, despite the fact that the pair of them are in their seventies. Celebrity Couple Who Are Single, All numbers are as of Jan. 2012, Angelina Jolie, 35, and Tom Hanks, 80Angelina Jolie and Tom Hanks are not only the worlds oldest couple, they might be considered the worlds oldest couple living. Theyve been together since they were 16 and were married in 1973 when they were both 63 years old. Theyre currently the worlds oldest married couple. Though theyre not exactly in the top 10 for those in their respective fields, Jolie and Hanks are still considered to be celebrities in that theyre not married to support their families. Jolie is one of the worlds wealthiest famous people. She owns a billion dollar foundation, which she used to support her acting career and also for her daughters education. Bradley Cooper, 38, and Jennifer Aniston, 54Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston may seem like the worlds best of friends or the worlds most popular couple. But when it comes to celebrity couples, neither of them has the worlds highest profile. They seem to be fairly popular in the world of TV and movie making. Theyre the co-stars of the series Modern Family where theyve been a married couple in their early forties and still have seven children between them. Jennifer Aniston is an actress, singer, poet, and mother of two. She was previously married to Billy Crystal, who she had a 15 year relationship with while she was married to him. Bradley Cooper is an actor, director, writer, producer, and producer of various films and television shows. He has starred in some of Hollywoods most successful films, such as the original American Beauty and the American Hustle films. She was previously married to Paul Henreid, who she had a relationship with while she was married to him. Jennifer Lopez, 32, and Tom Cruise, 52Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise arent exactly breaking new ground as the worlds oldest couple. The reality star, former child star, and reality television personality is actually divorced from the actor in real life.

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