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Yes, that does seem to be the case You tell her and she begins to feel slightly better. That would be the time my boyfriend said I looked like the girl that he got killed by You add on a bit nervously and she nods. That would be my mom telling me to stop eating so much candy You say and she nods. That would be me falling and breaking my arm when I jumped off the second story of my house you say feeling a little guilty about this and she gets a little angry at you for doing it again. It would seem even Perez Hilton is not the safe haven that the Internet made him out to be. The Internet isnt safe, you know that now. You get up early and finish getting ready for work. S actually a little brighter than when you left. Ve been looking around my apartment a bit. So what have you been doing other than staring at the walls. I have been cleaning up and taking care of myself. D be in a rush to get yourself back to normal as quickly as possible. I mean what the hell do you want me to do. I just want you to stop going on those long drawn out Internet and Real Life trips.

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