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As you know, the Super-Majority Elections are coming up this year, and youve all been hearing about it for the past few months. All of us here at the show are going to be watching it closely, because its been a tradition for 25 years for us to do so. But of course, as you all know, theres also been lots of other things going on. You could go see Tom Hanks in another movie. Ve never had so much time in your life. Re only going to get to go to part of it. Still, you get a lot of recognition today, which is nice. After class you go and sit in the back row with the other losers that get humiliated in these things. A few minutes in and you start getting tired of being down here. D rather be doing something else that you actually enjoyed. You head to the front to stand over by the exit while the rest of the losers mingle with the adults. You could go do see a show.

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