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You buy a bag from the storeYou get to a shop with a sign saying Buy Gucci goods. You cant remember which one, but it has a lot of Gucci, at least twenty or thirty at least in what looks like one of those big piles you see behind someone. You figure you should get one, even if its just for the label. You follow the signs to find yourself in what looks like a boutique with a bunch of people, but none of them look like they were expecting you. Maybe they all had work, or maybe they were just nice and forgot you were there. A guy named Jack says when he sees you. I dont know exactly, but its the one I always wanted to buy from. He says, and gives you a little wave. You wave back, a little flattered that he recognized you. He leads you back outside to a sign that has some more Gucci bags displayed. Most of them are pink, which you guess is his favorite. You look around a bit more, and decide which one to get. You look at the colors and sizes, then choose one. He has a little case with a handle, so you just open it up and grab it. Inside there are six pink bags, all with different things inside them. It feels weird to not have a bag to take your toothbrush with you, but you dont really mind. You pick out a bag and head on out into the mall. People around you are smiling and chatting, and you dont really care, all you want to do is get back to the store and to buy the bag you picked. Youre walking fast, which is good, because youve really been wanting to wear something thats really comfortable. You get to the store, which is also a little out of the way, but you dont care. Jack says, walking up next to you. You say, and pull out your phone. Well, I just called to see what store you wanted to buy from, so I could get your address. Well, as I was telling your mom you called.

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