Celebrities voting for donald trump

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The only one to formally endorse Trump was you. M done giving a shit about celebrities and the rest of that shit. Re surprised that nobody has come to the door so far. Re about to answer it and go back to your laptop when you see something on your screen that catches your eye. You watch a video from the pastYou take a closer look at the video. Re still relatively skinny with a flat chest and wide hips. Ve been in denial about this fact for years and never bothered to tell anyone, but you did it all the same. T look like you do now though. You look away from the monitor in disgust and your eyes go back to the monitor. Re starting to worry that the demon that is in you will take over so you take a deep breath and take a deep breath and close your eyes. You close your eyes and feel nothing, but peace. T have sex this time, but you do take on a life of celibacy. S not worth the hassle anymore and you just live a normal life with what you have. Ll get out of this hellhole you call life. You attempt to have sex with the disembodied head, but it immediately dies. After a few minutes, you fall unconscious on the floor. As you drift away, you think about how fucked you feel and then you lose consciousness.

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