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The Song Is New Single by Jay Z, Beyonce. If You Dont Vote-Your Name Will Not Be Distributed and Voting Counts Will Become Incomplete. Voting Mondays You participateYou find the Beyonce video and watch as it plays. You smile as you hear the lyrics, I could put a ring on it if I wanted to, as you begin voting for Clinton. Time has passed and you have participated in nearly every conceivable activity with your friends. You are not really sure why you continued though when you think about it; it was almost like there was some sort of pact among the five of you that you wanted to all do something together every now and then. You continue to participate in activitiesYou stay in the house and watch a movie with your friends. You are all so into movies nowadays, but there is something about this one that you are just drawn to. It is the fact that it has a romantic theme, but not in a traditional sense. It seems like every other movie these days has a guy going on a girls date and then they get married. No, I really feel this movie can be something new, Amy says. I agree, but it is always fun to see a movie that doesnt have a male lead. The other thing that caught my eye is that this movie really shows how two people can just get along and appreciate one another. They really do like each other and that they are a couple, not just friends. That is something that my family would be proud of us being, right. The group is silent for a moment, but after some thought, you all agree that you did not exactly know how your family would react. Well, now that I am doing this myself, you guys will all tell us what kind of answer you gave, you say. Your friends all say one thing, but you all say a different answer. My parents will probably be a little embarrassed at first, but I think they would accept us. Maybe, but is that the answer we are supposed to get. Well, I mean you got something to prove to your parents, so you know what you should say. No need to worry, you really dont have anything to be scared of. The answer is, Yes, I would be proud to marry you because we.

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