Celebrities Undercover is an American reality television series, which …

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I have no idea why you just left me there. Jimmy looks down a bit, a bit surprised. S okay, I just was waiting out the storm. He says, picking himself up and taking a few steps towards you. You look at the man you just helped, as he takes his time standing and approaching you again. Well, I was about to do something about the storm, but you came in so quick I got nervous and got scared. He takes a step towards you again, but stops and looks at you as if he wants to say something. Look, I was in a bit of a hurry back there, so I was going to come back later on in the day. T get through the front door, I was just going to come back in the afternoon and talk something out with the girl I was looking for. Okay, so where did you say you were going to be staying. T want to leave my truck there.

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