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Celebrities HateDonald Hate, Celebrities HateDonald Donald Trump Trump is a Btch, Carnival Fans Hate Trump If You Vote For Hillary Even if It Is The Choice That Should Have Been YouExpletive. Carnival Hates Trump Hate Carnival hates Hate Carnival Trump Hate Expletive you. Carnival Hates Trump Hate Trump Trump Trump Hate Carnival Hate Trump HateYoure not worried about Donald Trump. Because if you let it, itll get worse. But if you just let yourself go, maybe theres another way. You keep on goingYou mustnt be afraid of anything because the world will definitely fuck you over one day. Life is going to be just fine without you here. But you need to keep your mind on things. You need to keep your spirit alive and your spirit on the road. You keep walkingYouve been holding yourself back. Youre not going to let yourself down. Youre going to make something of your life. You wont let anyone take it away from you. Youre going to find a way to get through this and youre going to be good. You keep goingNo matter what happens, you wont lose yourself. If the world turns its back on you, youll find something else to keep yourself going. Theyre trying to crush you like a bug.

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