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YouYou realize that you must be just as old as everyone else because they are all probably the same age as you, maybe a little youngerThis means that you are probably one of the youngest people that went to college and you are also the only one that went to college at a public college. You also realize you are the oldest person that went to college, The average college age is around 20Most people go to a private or religious school while you go to the best public college in the area and you still had no idea what the hell college is all about. It must have been a very stressful time in your life because you didnt have any money when you first got to college, you lived in your room and slept on the ground floor of your grandmas house while you studied. You dont really care why you went to college though, you just just remembered that you did. You are now 23 years old and going to college is just something you did to get a decent job and feed your family. You have enough money now and you are so happy with your life that you had no reason to go back to your old lifestyle. You are very busy today and you dont have much time to entertain people so you decide to stay home and study for your final exams. You have the final exams tomorrow night and you can never remember what the hell it all means. Your dad always said you would get it, but you just couldnt remember. You would think it would all click one day and you would understand the significance of things. You arent doing so bad in school since you think you are only a B student which isnt bad at all. Your grades are all you really care about since you are getting a good job at the best job in the city that pays really well. You think about the old days when you could play all night long and you could party all day long. But now you are so busy that you dont have time to do either of those things anymore. You need to focus on your studies and dont have time to waste anymore on the partying life. You finish up studying for your final exams and head home. You are really tired, but you are too tired to care about it. You just cant focus on either one of those things anymore, you have to get your mind off of it and that is what you want to do. You go to BedYou decide to stay home and just lay in bed and sleep. If you are going to go to sleep now you might as well enjoy the luxury that being a housewife gives you. That and watching your son play on the computer all day and having his games saved in your computer. You have never really been on the computer or played games before.

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