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Idaho is also considered to have the third most beautiful women in the country according to CNN. And the state has more bald eagles than anywhere else in the country. Idaho is the third most picturesque StateThe Great Basin Desert is an extremely beautiful place. However, there is nothing really picturesque about the actual states capital city of Moscow. In fact, its beautiful surroundings could be likened to a middle-school locker room. This city is home to one of the worlds most infamous crimes and unsolved mysteries. It has been called, The City That Killed Ken Keseberg. The city is also known to host the largest indoor reptile petting zoo in the world. And Idaho is also home to the second-largest rattlesnake population of any state in the country according to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. And thats not even counting the numerous other snakes in the state or in the surrounding area that could pose a threat to you or your property. The fact that Idaho is a desert and therefore has a lot of rocky outcroppings probably adds to the danger of getting bitten. The fact that this state is so isolated, also makes it a more dangerous state to visit. A major earthquake could cause a massive disruption of life. And as for the snake, its common to find people wearing wetsuits. When you feel a snake slithering around on the water and getting a little too close to your legs, you can only guess that its probably going to be bigger than you are. Idaho is the home of the worlds only operating nuclear power plantAt first blush, nuclear power does seem like the most eco-friendly type of energy to have. However, with every ounce of nuclear energy comes an equal and perhaps greater drain on the environment. The Idaho National Laboratory, INL, in Moscow has been the most active U. Nuclear power plant site and operates the only operating nuclear power plant in the United States from a nuclear fuel cycle standpoint. The Idaho National Laboratory, INL, in Moscow was built during the Cold War as part of a Cold War building competition between the Department of Energy, Atomic Energy Commission, and the National Science Foundation. The INL is located just outside Moscow, Idaho, in the town of Moscow, Idaho. The city of Moscow was settled in 1891, making it the oldest permanent settlement in the state. Idaho is the only State not to have a Single-Call 911 SystemThe State of Idaho has always been a leader in having a government-owned and operated emergency telephone and 911 system. While no state has ever chosen to eliminate a traditional telephone system like 911, there are numerous reasons why not all states are required to have a system like that.

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