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Charlotte gave me credit for making the family feel more attached. But I had a lot ofto do over this. No, Im ready for bed, Imready for bed. Thanks again,I really, really, reallyreally need to get some sleep. You wake up early for your ride homeOkay, Im good to go. You pull out of your driveway and the parking lot is empty. It wasnt until now that you wondered why it was empty. It must be the day before yesterday when youdrove all the way to Charlotte. Youll have to pay for yourparking, but you werent planning on stoppingat all anyways, you werejust going to park here all day. Right now you have to figure outhow to get back home. You cant afford tosleep in the same bed for a few more hours,youve gotta get up early tomorrowtomorrow or its not happening. You get out of the car and stagger the aisles of the supermarket. The first thing you find is some old underwear that are half-assed sized. Your mother will have to buy new underwear for the both of you. You also find that the womens section isnt crowded when you find the exact ones you wanted. You get your purse and head toward the cosmetics counter, youre guessing your mother wont have time until tomorrow to make all this stuff, so youre going to get it done now. Sorry guys, cant fit all the products. The cashier looks at you and her roommate as if she knows they arent supposed to be there. You quickly get a few items, some mascara, some foundation, and a few other things. You think that buying that lip gloss that the cashier talked about is a waste of money, but you feel like you were really making progress today, even getting to your car by 6:00. As you go back to the cosmetics counter to head back home, you think about your trip yesterday, it was exhausting, but you learned a.

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