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Billy Preston of the Rolling Stones once lived in Austin. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles once listed Austin as the capital of Texas. There are a lot of famous people living in Austin who do not really know each other well, so if you are interested in one of them, ask them to meet you, they will not mind it at all. After you have chosen a celebrity that you want to meet, you are given the time to meet them at the Meeting Place, which is at the center of Austin. You meeting timeTime to meet some celebrities. Time to meet some famous people living in Austin. You arrive at a small street close to the Meeting Place, where many students and office workers are already sitting on benches and a few are standing nearby. As you approach, you notice that there are a lot of red flags. When you turn around, you find yourself face to face with a middle-aged woman who seems very out of the ordinary. The guy you are meeting is dressed in a tuxedo and carrying a silver tray filled with food. He looks like the kind of guy you would pick up at a fancy nightclub. While your eyes are glued on him, you feel like your heart is going to explode. The next thing you hear is Who else is here. YesIt seems like nobody else is here, but then your meeting time is approaching and you dont have time to sit around and wait for a group to appear. You decide to get it over with as quickly as possible and make your way to the Meeting Place. Meet Austin, its time to meet some famous people living in Austin. We are going to talk about our favorite and least favorite things in the world. You and your friends are all pretty excited and ready to start talking about celebrities. You introduce yourself and the woman looks like she has done something similar many times before. Im a secretary and a barista at the Austin Chamber of Commerce, but lately Im also a model on the side, a stripper if you want to know. Im an accountant here at that little corporate law firm you mentioned. You do know that Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World, right. How many other famous people live in Austin. Oh, I used to live here for five years when I was a model. I used to hang out at all the bars and clubs when I lived.

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