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Itu2019sYou look back at the computer screen, still staring at the list. You suddenly stop yourself, thinking that you should be more careful with your words to her. You say, walking back over to the counter. I thought you were coming back a few hours ago to look at a painting. I actually had the girl that was supposed to show you his work come here. I figured it would give us an opportunity to talk in person, but now it would seem that I will have to wait a little while longer. In fact, you came in the middle of my talk to see this painting as soon as I finished talking to you. The girl looks down, a bit embarrassed at having her conversation interrupted. Actually, I came up here to give you something, since I was a little curious about the man. She keeps turning the thing over to be certain of its location, and then finally hands it over to you. You take it and look at it, taking in the paint and brush work. T come back, but you just shake your head and start digging through the trash. After a few minutes of searching you find a bottle of red wine. You ask the girl while sipping your wine. She nods and turns to leave, but you stop her. Did you find the place of the shop owner who ran away a few years ago. You just keep watching her leave. She nods and heads back to the door on her way out. It looks a bit run down, and you wonder if the owner has even come back to the shop.

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