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By -Wombat-Yeah, Id say those are celebrities that dont really care to know the truth. And Im going to guess its mostly celebs that want the praise and adoration of their fans. I really do, but this kinda crap is getting a little out of control. And while I respect you as an artist, this is just getting silly. Im no apologist for Trump, but you need to start thinking about more than just your fan base. I mean we just had a civil war over issues the Republican party doesnt really care about. If this continues, were heading into a civil war over the issue of race. Also, Im not a Democrat or a Republican, Im just saying my opinion changes based on my personal situation. By -Wombat-I think the issue is more of a difference over what the end result of this should be. I think if you really want to help the country, you SHOULD support Trump. By -Wombat-Well I still think thats a bad idea. Id prefer Clinton, but given her support for these type of laws that allow you to do much more in a situation, I think its clear the GOP is not the party to help the country. If anything I think you should be the party trying to help the country rather than the Democrat party. By -Wombat-I dont really see the difference from your point on this one, so this is the question, are you a feminist. Well given her stances on domestic violence, abortion, transgender rights and more, I dont think the answer is not really, especially since I think some of your points in this post are not even arguments at all. By -Wombat-So Im guessing youre saying a woman who has made a statement like, Thats why rape jokes are bad. Well Im just saying to you because youre a man thats been brainwashed by the feminist movement for decades that you have to understand what constitutes rape.

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