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If he died of a heart attack, then that makes this a bit more complicated since theres a possibility that his heart stopped beating after the accident. The next day a funeral is planned for 2 p. The Elkins community is not eager to see this man theyve come to know and love, buried in a nearby cemetery. There have been protests, social media posts, memorials and more, but so far no arrests have been made. The Elkins Police Department has not released any information about the accident at this time, but will provide additional updates in due course. MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Pa, WHTM, An Elkins man is facing second degree murder charges in the death of a man in a car crash yesterday. Faces the criminal charges for the death of William Michael Smith III, 31, of the 5500 block of S. Elkins Police Chief Paul Cimino told media Thursday afternoon that Smith struck the back of Moores vehicle on the left and he did not have a chance. Officers who responded to the accident found Smiths unconscious body at the scene. Moore, who is employed at the Elkins Post Office, was identified through the drivers license of the car Smith was driving. This is the sixth death in the Elkins Police Departments last nine months. Moore is being held without bail and will appear in court on Monday, March 13. The death is the citys sixth traffic fatality this year. MIDDLESEX COUNTY, Pa, WROC-TV, The Mid-Hudson County Coroners office says William Michael Smith III, 31, of the 5400 block of S. The accident happened on the southbound side of the Capital Plaza entrance ramp to the Intercounty Connector just before 5 a. The driver of the other vehicle involved suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to a local hospital. At this time, the investigation continues and the driver is being cooperative with police. This accident remains the citys sixth traffic fatality this year. Anyone with information related to this crash is asked to contact the Mid-Hudson County Coroners Office at, 717, 635-3243 or the Mid-Hudson County Police Department at, 717.

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