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The above list may be entertaining but it isnt very accurate. What if youre someone in the 27-29 age group and looking for an accurate list. This is one of the many reasons why my website, www. Info, was created and is a service for people of all ages looking for something to use as a guide. Please be advised that age and location are NOT being measured in any way. I dont measure someones physical location, but rather their emotional location. If they grew up in a small, tight-knit Jewish family from a small town in the Midwest then their emotional location will be that. For example, if someone says my location is Florida thats not very informative because theyre probably still living in Florida and probably loving Florida just as much as the moment they were born. On the other hand, if they say my location is the Middle East then theyre probably dead-set on moving to the Middle East. I measure location not only through geographic reference points, but also via the emotional ones. In other words, I take a persons emotional location and then I measure where it is on a map. This is the location that their emotional location is, and will likely remain indefinitely, located on a map. As such, the emotional location can only be measured on a map. Im actually the only one doing this, but if anyone is interested in helping me with this task Im willing to pay for the work. The maps themselves were made using 3-D software. Each map was made by tracing over a map I had previously created, I dont have a LOT of them, so youre looking at a few pages to find the geographical location of an emotional location Once I had traced the map I would make adjustments depending on where I noticed an error and then erase the trace and continue. I can take my emotional location on any given day, and measure it against the physical location of any place in the world, in any year from 1950 to the present. The locations are measured in miles, but if youre interested in a specific location, or even just the entire planet, then my software will tell you where it is based on your emotional location. For the past few years Ive been using my website to give my emotional location to people in the 27-29 age group, because apparently Im the only one willing to help them with this quest. I get quite a few e-mails, letters and phone calls every day, so I cant possibly answer all of them, but I try. The following people are currently the subject of my emotional location research:The Next Day – The Next Day is an American hip hoprap group formed by Isaac Hayes and his band.

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