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The joke is so bad it would earn no points from a professional joke taker, but the concept itself is actually not that far from being right. Flat Earth has indeed gained a lot of supporters and it was even mentioned in the movie Flatliners, which is pretty well-known about the conspiracy theory. One of the major characteristics about Flat Earthers is that they do not believe in the curvature of the Earth which is really strange considering that they also believe that the World is flat. In any case, the Flat Earth theorists do believe that a flat plane has to be around the Earth, as if the sky has to be curved to not reach the Earths surface. On the other hand, the Flat Earther must also believe that every other part of the Earth is rotating also, which is pretty much impossible. The theory has also not been proven by scientific evidence or anyone else, so they can only be speculating. Flat Earther, or more specifically John Alexander, is a former U. Secret Service agent who believed in the theory of an Earth-like planet orbiting a white dwarf star called Sol which is located in the constellation of Leo. He made a lot of media appearances and even wrote a book about his findings called Disclosure entitled The New Earth. It has been said that, as a flat earther, Alexander has a strong political agenda, which could play a role in the 2016 U. To be honest, John Alexander may not be that influential but as an old man, he is still a fan of conspiracy theories and he is still entertaining the public with his views. It is hard to say who is more influential in the world of Flat Earth theory, but who is not likely to influence the future of the whole world. It is important to know that if you go on the internet in the form of the social networks or even the news, one of the first things you will find there are Flat Earth articles. If you are a Flat Earth believer and you do not want to miss out on this new phenomenon, then here are five things that you should know about Flat Earth. Everything Above The Earths Surface Is A SkySome of the Flat Earther members claim that the Earth is flat and that the sky does not extend above the surface. This could be true as some of them are claiming that the atmosphere is not actually that high above the ground, so there could be some truth to it. The real truth is still out there though. Not all parts of the Earth are perfectly flat either. The atmosphere goes to some places higher than others which makes it necessary to call it a sky. However, most of the Flat Earth theorists do not think all the sky is above the Earths surface, so they also call it sky.

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