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You recognize the sound of someone speaking from the speakers. I assume youve all found all of your items, yes. You stare at the speakers, unable to believe your ears. Im sure this must be somewhat exciting news to you all. Well, youll get to see how important I am when we all enter that magnificent room. No, Im just one of the many members that make up the Hall of Fame, he says, with a slight accent. I suppose youre wondering about the Hall of Famers, yes. Will you allow them to retain their titles and titles along with all of their other glorious achievements in life. Ah, the Hall of Famers are always just as interested in such things. I can only imagine that the Hall of Famers have much to say on such matters. Good heavens, this is going to be a long night, the Hall of Fame says, as you all stand there in bewilderment. You insistYoure the fucking Hall of Famers representative. You get to do anything you want. No, let me put it this way, Im just some insignificant group of people who just happen to be in the same movie industry as you and are now gathered here to discuss some damn movie titles. Im sure thats the first time youve even heard of what we do. Were just movie fans here, I guess, and were gathering here tonight to discuss movie title ideas. We cant let the Hall of Famers get the last word on all this shit. We dont get to discuss movie title ideas, we dont get to say who the best or most important movie star of all time is and we dont get to make up these goddamn genres that no one can ever appreciate.

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