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You choose to be a celebrityJust when you decide that you wont take it anymore, you see a TV on. As you watch him, he is standing in an airport, waiting for a flight. You dont look like the other people here. Anyway, I dont know why youre here, but. Well, I think I should be getting to the airport now, so youre welcome to stay here, if youd like.

The Worlds Most Popular Religion is a Scientologist ReligionAs mentioned in the Celebrity with Scientologist topic, youre the worlds most famous Scientologist and youre certainly not alone. There is a wide variety of people in the Church of Scientology and many of these people dont just know their stuff, they are also celebrities. This article will discuss some of those people and some of the more popular topics they talk about. POTUS Donald TrumpThe President-Elect of the United States of America has a lot of Scientology friends. From his time on The Apprentice, Donald has talked about and been photographed with many celebrities and celebrities you may recognize as Scientologists, such as Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Kirstie Alley, Kirstie Alleys son Jack Alley, who is a huge Star Wars fan and of course his own daughter Ivanka. In fact, the reason youll see the Church of Scientology mentioned so much in the first few pages of this list is because of the high-profile celebrities who have spoken about their friendship with Donald Trump. Many celebrities have come out publicly about their friendship with The Donald. Some have come out and spoken about their views of Scientologists and his views of them. However, others have spoken about their friendship or lack of it with him only in a general way, such as a lack of enthusiasm or a lack of belief in him. In either case, it shows the kind of person he is which is probably the best thing about Scientology. Celebrities Who Are NOT ScientologistsWhile most celebrities do have some connection and interest with the Church of Scientology, not all do. Not all celebrities are in fact Scientologists, or even very interested in the religion. So without further delay, here are some of the celebrities that are NOT Scientologists:3. Celebrities Who Are ScientologistsSo here we have it, Scientologys own version of the Best and Brightest award. As you might expect, celebrities that are Scientologists, or in some cases, Scientologists in good standing who are in good standing with Scientology, get much greater recognition in Hollywood. Celebrities Who Have Been in Scientological OrganizationsThis one Im not even going to touch, but if youre interested, here they are:And with that said, there you have it. Just like the celebrities, this list is simply a reference for you to take for yourself when it comes to your own understanding of the famous people in this article. I hope youve enjoyed it and have gotten something out of it. If you have, then please dont hesitate to come back here and let me know what youve learned.

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